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I'm Nanco. A creative soul, with many ideas and projects, but with far too little time. It's like a neverending story.

I grew up in a creative home, my parents encouraged me to be curious about everything.

The interest in photography came to life when I had photography in school, in the 80's. At school we had a couple of Olympus OM cameras. At 15, my mentor allowed to me to work as an assistant a photo studio. I was allowed to experiment and learn the secrets of the darkroom.

Then came a period in my life where girls and other interests took up my time. I still had my camera with me, but it was mostly used to document the lives of my friends and me.

Approximately 10 years ago, my interest of photography was brought back to life. After that, photography has become more and more important to me.. I spend a lot of my spare time on photo related tasks.  

In addition, I'm chairman of Stavanger Fotoklubb – Stavanger Photography Club.

One thing has not changed in the almost 40 years I have photographed. For me, photography is just fun and recreation. If it gets too serious, it will kill creativity.

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